Clone Wars Games Slated For Holidays, Trailers Hitting Spike TV Friday

We'd heard Star Wars: Clone Wars for Wii and DS would be hitting this Fall, but it looks like that meant fiscal Fall? A recent announcement's dated both titles for "Holiday 2008". Nothing says Christmas like lightsaber battles - or, as my colleague Luke called it, "yet another third-party action game based on a Star Wars story, only this time with waggle".

The Wii version is officially titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels.Was Luke being a little harsh, or is a true "lightsaber simulator" (which Ken Fox of developer Krome Studios says this game is not) the only avenue to the hearts of Star Wars fans?

Waggle-fatigued? There's also a DS version, Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance, being developed by LucasArts Singapore and promising "innovative stylus-based input", and, we're told, partner-based gameplay.

Trailers for both titles will premiere on Spike TV's GameTrailers TV With Geoff Keighley on Friday, so we can see for ourselves. Full announcement follows the jump.


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