Clone Wars On DS: Like Ninja Gaiden, With Jedi

While the Wii's Clone Wars game fails to even light my excitement furnace's pilot light, the DS game is sounding much more promising. Mostly because of this:

Jedi Alliance is designed, from the ground up, as a stylus driven game. Player movement, combat, Force powers and puzzle solving all driven by the stylus. The unique form factor of the DS has given us a great opportunity for the first time ever to give players direct control of the Lightsaber.

So Ninja Gaiden/Phantom Hourglass, but with Jedi? That'd be lovely, thanks. Another neat addition to the game is drop-in, drop-out co-op play: you'll always be fighting with an AI opponent, and at any time a friend can jump in and assume the role of the "partner". Oh, and you can play as Kit Fisto. Which should really be the game's #1 selling-point, but then, who am I to tell Lucasart's PR how to do their jobs.

Interview: Star Wars: The Clone Wars [IGN]


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