Coldplay To Contribute To Guitar Hero's Demise

Coldplay are going to be in Guitar Hero. Coldplay. I'll give you a moment to emit a deep, remorseful sigh. As part of the promotional circus surrounding their latest album, the song "Violet Hill" will be made available as DLC for Guitar Hero III, though a date for its release has yet to be specified. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin says of the song, in all seriousness, "It's not [all]about the piano shit". Come now, Activision. It wasn't enough to kill Guitar Hero, you now gotta whizz on its freshly-covered grave?

Coldplay to make 'Guitar Hero' debut [EW]


    Awesome, currently I stop playing PS3 about an hour before I go to sleep to give my adrenaline level a chance to drop. Now all I have to do is play Guitar Hero and select a lullaby by Coldplay to ensure I drift off instantly. Seriously, though, who's gonna enjoy strumming once every ten seconds while some emo whines about not having a daddy that loved him?

    Bravo. I will actually play Guitar Hero now (maybe). There are too many unknown, unrelaxing, unfun, screeching tracks right now anyway. I've been waiting for a long time for some good tunes. Way to go Coldplay.

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