Dawn of War II: New Screenshots

GameInfoWire.com has about a dozen new screen shots of Dawn of War II up. These follow the gameplay video that went up midweek. I'm gonna keep my trap shut about the game. Warhammer 40,000 scared the bejabbers out of me and my basic set D&D friends when we were in school. Mostly because the only kids who played it had passes to the smoking pit and grew moustaches. So, here's one, and there are four full-size after the jump and the rest on GameInfoWire, and please don't give me a noogie or a titty-twister, sir. Owwww ....

Dawn of War II PC Screenshots [GameInfoWire.com]


    the biggest thing i want to see happen to the DOW games, is more applicable to the armies, i've read somewhere that you'll be able to not only change the colour of your army, but individual troops, but i'd love to see this go further...

    i.e. my favourite chapter of Space Marines, The Salamanders, would be bright green, with yellow or black highlights, and because they fit the archetype of a recognised marine chapter, this would have effects in game, so The Salamanders were raised on a planet covered in volcanos and fire for most of their year, and in the tabletop version, they got Flamers/Meltas cheaper/could field more heavy variants in a squad than normal, and this would apply across all the squad types, up to the armoured units.

    this could also be applied to Black Templars, more of a focus on their chaplains and librarians being the leaders, giving them more AOE powers bolstering the troops, and Blood Angels getting assault troopers cheaper, Dark Angels getting bikers cheaper with the Ravenwing etc.

    and don't think this would be limited to Marines... oh no... i'm thinking IG Catachan Jungle Fighters, resulting in most of the units being stealthed, but in order for that to happen, they can't wear the normal flak jacket armour/easier to kill etc or the Cadian Armoured Regiment getting Sentinel walkers and tranports cheaper, Ork armies could go for affiliating wiff Da Goffs to get better/cheaper close combat units, and Evil Suns would get buggies cheaper, Chaos armies could align to any of the four gods for their particular abilities, Tzeentch for magic, Nurgle for diseases and poisons, Khorne for close combat etc



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