D&D 4th Edition Called Forth From Fiery Pit

The game that launched a thousand role-playing games toady celebrates its latest incarnation as Wizards of the Coast announces the release of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Rulebooks. The new set of rules not only herald a more streamlined D&D experience, but also the first true joining of pen & paper D&D to the online world with the introduction of the D&D Insider service, which gives players and Dungeon Masters alike access to online tools for character creation, dungeon building, and even a digital game table to play on. In honour of the release of the three books - The Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide - the D&D Insider service will be available for a free promotional period, after which a subscription will kick in. The books are currently available for $AU 36.29 a piece, or in a bundle for $AU 108.98.

In addition to the Insider promotion, Wizards of the Coast is sponsoring a Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day tomorrow, Saturday June 7th, during which locations around the world will be hosting special events to help ease players into the new ruleset. Hit the jump for to find out more about this worldwide celebration!


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