Did Gerstmanngate Hurt Kane & Lynch?

While we may never know what actually happened, months have passed since the internet exploded over Kane & Lynch, GameSpot and reviewer Jeff Gerstmann. Now that the dust has settled what does Kane & Lynch developer IO Interactive think about the way it went down? Did it hurt game sales? Says Thomas Howalt, business development director at IO Interactive:

It sold well, we broke even and it's still selling. We had some really harsh reviews and there was all this noise about this thing with GameSpot and it sort of went over my head whatever people were fighting about. The web has it's own voice and it can be very loud... You know, what I see today is a lot of people picking it up, playing the free levels we put out. We get a lot of people playing online. You can argue are the graphics good enough, is it up there with the best? But it only takes two weeks and you're no longer the best looking game out. I've been playing games since Pong so I take these things lightly. In the end it's about sales and we have games like Freedom Fighters which is still selling.

Oh, it's always about the sales Thomas. Hence the problem.

IO Interview [Games Industry][Pic]


    I would doubt that Gerstmann gate hurt the sales markedly on its lonesome. It was the majority of middling reviews, combined with the middling quality of the game itself, that stopped it from hitting the big time, despite its big publicity push.

    As has recently happened again with Haze.

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