DJ Uses Castlevania Name, Has Nothing To Do With Castlevania

le_castle.jpgThe Atlanta, US-based DJ Le Castle Vania, otherwise known as DJ Dylan, is currently touring Australia with his disco-electro beats. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand dance music, but going by the name alone, I thought this might be worth a look-see.

Problem is, his “music” has nothing at all to do with Konami’s classic. Nothing. In fact, I can’t see any reason why he’s taken the Castlevania name, other than because it sounds cool. If this guy played the games when he was younger (though he looks borderline 12 as it is), he makes no references to it on his (*urgh*) MySpace page.

It’s a free world I guess, and anyone can go by whatever name they want, but it makes me sad seeing the Castlevania name abused with neon. Neon!

Le Castle Vania [Official site, thanks Christian]


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