Does This Latest Update Prove Diablo III? (Or Not??)

Let the Blizzard tease continue! A second image has been added on the icy splash site, adding to speculation that Blizzard is going to announce Diablo III this weekend. Previously, the frosty teaser showed an image that looked a hell of a lot like a rune on Frostmourne, previously feature in Wrath of the Lich King teasers. That was kind of a Diablo III killjoy! Now, there's further speculation that the first image might be the "Shael" rune from Diablo II instead of being Frostmourne. And some folks are now saying that the second and new image looks like a duplicate of a "Hel" Diablo II rune. All this is someone else's speculation — we don't know! So like don't go get your hopes up or anything silly.

In the meantime, hit the jump for fancy red line pointing!

Splash Site [Blizzard via World of War Thanks, Mike!]


    This splash screen comes up on the way into and but not

    I say it's Lich King.

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