Dragonforce 100% On Expert

Bear witness, ladies and gentlemen, to one man's triumph over Dragonforce's Through The Fire and Flames on expert, hitting every single note to achieve a score of 987,786 and 100%. Youtube user iamchris4life has been uploading videos of his performances for quite some time now, to the point where people were faking videos of him completing TTFAF, but this one is for real. Watching this makes my hands ache.

Be warned, Chris uses some strong language at the end of the run, but he damn well earned it. Thanks everyone for sending in the tip!


    This just looks like another fake video, GH3 using bots and pretending to play.

    Until it is done in a controlled environment, this song has not been completed 100% on Expert.

    He strums with his right hand then shifts it up the neck to assist with the hammer-ons and pull-offs, get's his hand back in time to strum when he needs to... not fake, just a freak.

    I wonder if he's eligible for the Guinness World Record.


    I want to be able to do this but all I can achieve is beating the intro and getting out around 4-6%

    The intro isn't THAT hard, but after that it seems if I miss a single note I'm gone..

    Kudos to this guy...

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