Drugs Are Bad, May Lead To Urine-Soaked Consoles

There's nothing that will make one feel more confident about one's life choices than combing through the police blotter. As a gamer and roommate myself, the Seattle Post Intelligencer's "Seattle 911" blog — which does the police report harvesting for you — makes me feel like one of the world's finest human beings. In a recent story about a scuffle between a pot head and his live-in gamer buddy, we learn not resolve our differences as these two do.

According to Seattle 911, after one too many disagreeable bong-hitting sessions, the roommate who gets high only on life shattered said bong on the sidewalk. Bong-smasher was met the next day with a wet Xbox that "smelled like urine" and controllers that were partially glued to... something. No arrests were made.

Clearly not news, just one of those daily affirmation type stories that reminds you that you're not a total loser.

Dumb criminal tricks [Seattle 911 - thanks, Ted?]


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