Dungeon Siege 3 Hero Could Fly Solo

With Space Siege deep in development, many fans of Gas Powered Games' previous efforts have grumbled at the change in venue from the fantasy world of Dungeon Siege to the depths of space. Worry not, yon fantasy fans, as GPG founder Chris Taylor reveals to Eurogamer.de that Dungeon Siege 3 is indeed in the works...though some major changes might be separating it from the first two entries in the series.

"There will be some things that are very much like Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, but some things will be simplified. I am done with multi-character parties; I really think that it's all going to be about a single hero. It's too much to manage", he says.

While it might be a bit jarring to fans of the first two games, it would certainly give Diablo enthusiasts something to think about.

Dungeon Siege 3 ohne Party [Eurogamer.De via ActionTrip]


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