Dyack: Hollywood-Like Publisher Consolidation To Continue

Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack has often spoken about the so-called "one console future", where the hardware biz will consolidate sufficiently so that there are no more platform wars.

Speaking to GameDaily, though, Dyack also said he thinks we'll see continuing consolidation in the games industry itself, with the big publishers eating up the smaller ones until there are only a few major companies left for all products, Hollywood-style.

Of course, bigger publishers are less agile, and this future for the business is pretty bleak as far as risk and innovation goes. Dyack said that studios will be challenged in maintaining their independence and creativity:

"It is definitely more difficult to stay independent as time goes on. However, we really don't think about this very much, and instead turn our focus and attention toward what is best for moving the interactive entertainment medium forward. Making excellent games helps pave the way for the future of any developer, and any developer's mantra should be 'quality first.'"

Dyack: Future Will Only See Handful of Publishers [GameDaily]


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