EB Games Oz Selling $15 Fallout Triple Pack

EB Games Oz Selling $15 Fallout Triple Pack

Before you get excited, no, it doesn’t contain some magical pre-release copy of Fallout 3. The “triple” of the pack is Fallout: Tactics, and while not as tasty as the other games included – Fallout and Fallout 2 if you had yet to guess – it’s not a bad deal for $14.90.

According to the Atomic forum member who spotted the deal at EB at Bondi Junction, it’s part of the retailer’s half-yearly sale.

Fallout triple pack cheap @ EB [Atomic forums]


  • Yeah think I might pick this up. I have heard all my friends say that these were great titles and I should learn myself something before Fallout 3 comes out.

    And I should be able to play it for a bit on an old laptop for an upcoming long plane trip to boot!

  • A word of (slight) warning: This contains just the games as far as I could tell. Now, I love Fallout 1 & 2 (haven’t played Tactics) and owning both games, what REALLY pushed me from “Love ’em” to “Fanboyism” was the manuals. I have never read a manual cover to cover, but there are so many gems tucked away in these, it just seems like it would be a sub-par experience to miss out on them.

  • i purchased this
    (blessing my stars)
    a week or two ago.

    of course,
    it still contains the manuals –
    albeit in PDF form.

    i don’t “like” it
    when cool manuals are reduced to
    B & W PDF…
    they’re not quick to read
    or easy on the eye…
    or cool to “hold” —
    but on the other hand
    we’re heading into
    the “Global Warming Zone”
    (alarm klaxons and siren lights, ppl!)
    and PDF’s on CD or DVD
    may be a less damaging option
    for the environment
    than old school “papier”.
    so it may be a necessary “sacrifice”.

    talking about life and art,
    i’ve still got quotes
    from serious experts in Oz public debate
    about “Mad Max” scenarios in the ‘burbs
    when oil becomes $carce
    and a dividing commodity
    between the “haves” and “have nots”.

    having played and adored another game
    by the legendary Urquhart,
    Baldur’s Gate 2,
    originally introduced
    via my mate’s version
    with the fantastic manual and cloth map,
    yeah i was annoyed at
    finding the compilation version
    had a cheesy PDF text –
    but if it’s a small way
    to help alleviate
    the rubbish we’re going to suffer
    through apathetic or ignorant
    environmental mismanagement…
    let’s take it in our stride.

    it’s a small thing.

  • You are correct, Bob. There are no manuals with this release. I picked this up a few weeks ago. Great value, but some form of manual or packaging other than the standard box might have been nice.

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