ESA Talks Problems, Perceptions, Promises

Over the past month the Entertainment Software Association has lost a number of high profile members, acknowledged that they spent more than $US 5 million to move E3 to Santa Monica for a year and taken heat for the role, or some say lack-thereof, that CEO Michael Gallagher has played in the industry since his appointment.

Earlier this week we had a chance to ask a number of pointed questions of Gallagher about some of the news that has recently rocked the association that he runs.

In this exclusive first in-depth interview with Gallagher about the perceptions and problems plaguing the ESA, he reveals that the annual E3 tradeshow made up about 85 percent of the association's operating funds and that the membership dues increases sparked by the show's downsizing were in some cases "substantial". He also offers his thoughts on why companies like Activision, Vivendi, LucasArts and id have left the fold of the association and why the ESA, despite the recent troubles, is still an important and viable part of the industry.


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