Ever Re-Name A Video Game?

Several feet to my left in the MTV Newsroom the camera crew is setting up for a shoot. One guy is trying to describe Spore to another guy. "You start as a little thing and then become a bigger thing...." He's struggling. The other guy wants to know if you can be a planet. Clearly they need to read my blog more.

Ah, the confusions of non-hardcore gamers. I'm reminded that a few weeks ago a friend approaches me asking about another game. He wants to buy it. He can't remember the name and calls it "that game with the walking man and the shapes and stuff". It took me a while to figure out which game he was talking about.

People just can't remember the names of games, it seems. Not if they're regular folks who don't eat and drink this stuff. I know someone who calls the Burnout games Crash 'Em Up and refers to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as Ace Wright: Phoenix Attorney — which I think sounds better.

Isolated phenomenon? Or is this re-naming and mis-describing of games something you've encountered too?


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