Fallout 3 CE Bobblehead Made Out Of PVC (Trust Me, It's A Good Thing)

bobble_busted_small.jpgBethesda PR guru Pete Hines is currently in Australia to show off the company's upcoming FPS/RPG Fallout 3. Well, I should say "showed off" as today was his last press day, with the rest of his trip a meeting-fest.

I had a quick chat to Pete after the two-hour presentation, and one of the topics that came up was the Collector's Edition. Pete was a bit surprised about the arrangement we have here in Australia (which I'll fill you in on shortly), but he did confirm the bobblehead included in the Fallout 3 CE will be made of plastic, rather than the ceramic or plaster of the ones from the press preview last year.

At first, plastic might sound like a cost-cutting measure. I can assure you - it isn't. My bobblehead met an untimely demise when faced with the rigors of international flight. Seems Vault Boy had the ankles of a 90-year old grandma.

A decent plastic construction offers both quality, when done right, as well as structural integrity. I know which one I'd pick, given the choice.


    Plastic, eh? Well, as long as it's the tougher plastic molding, and feels weighty. I think I prefer non-breakable vs better sculpting in the long run.

    Now come on and spill about that CE. :-)

    I got one from www.bobbles.com.au, it says it's made from Polymer Clay. The details is great, but don't really know if it's solid.

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