Fallout 3 Collector's Edition Coming To Australia

f3_cover.jpgDistributor Red Ant has confirmed that Australia will be receiving the collector's edition of Fallout 3, the details of which we saw not so long ago. The pack is very similar to the kits given to press during last year's preview at Bethesda's HQ, minus the Vault 101 T-shirt and Nuke-a-Cola (I still haven't opened mine).

A release schedule from Red Ant places the game's arrival in October 2008. Unfortunately, the company was unable to provide a more specific date, or pricing for the CE. Stay tuned.

Update: EBGames has the PC CE going for $119.95, while the Xbox 360 and PS3 boxes are $10 more. [Thanks tsengan]


    EB Games gave me a 10th October and $120 when I preordered.

    Yeah, I know, doesn't mean squat.

    according to the current eb games catalogue, the collectors edition is also exclusive to them

    I pre-ordered with EBgames today, I can see the price shooting up to $150 though.

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