Fallout 3 Collector's Edition In The Flesh

Bethesda has posted the official contents of their Fallout 3 Collector's Edition package, leaked and confirmed in April via GameStop, and while everything promised is indeed represented, from lunch box to art book to making off DVD, but there is something different about the Vault Boy Bobblehead. Rather than the approving, thumbs-up tossing bobble I received back in July of last year during the press preview, this Vault Boy stands in judgment, arms folded across his chest as he weighs your worth and finds you joyously wanting.

This of course means that the thumbs-up bobblehead could still be auction viable, should some unscrupulous member of the gaming press choose to part with him. Unfortunately I've grown accustomed to the daily affirmation my little plaster pal gives me, so for now he stays on my mantle lovingly nestled between Cortana and Kos-Mos, as he should be.

What we packed for lunch [Bethesda Blog - Thanks Dave!]


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