Fallout 3 Collector’s Edition Only A Retailer Exclusive In Australia?

f3_cover.jpgSo what was it that had Bethesda’s Pete Hines surprised at today’s Fallout 3 preview? It wasn’t that my bobblehead broke – apparently a number of journos reported similar mishaps soon after last year’s Washington DC preview. No, it was the fact that the Fallout 3 CE is going to be exclusive to EB Games in Australia.

Not only was it “news” to Hines, he also wasn’t aware of a similar deal anywhere in the world. He went as far as to say that all appropriate stores in the States will have the CE. Now, Hines knows a lot about Fallout 3, and probably a great deal on how the game will be distributed, but he’s not omnipotent (sadly). So it’s quite possible Oz publisher Red Ant decided to organise something under its own power without informing Bethesda.

There’s a chance Hines will bring it up with Red Ant, and hence an outside hope retailers other than EB will see the Collector’s Edition. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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