Finding The Funny In The R18+ Rating For Games Debate

I didn't think it was possible to find a comedic angle to the whole R18+ rating for games situation in Australia. Yet, Alexander Gabbott managed this tricky feat with the above clip, produced as part of a TAFE film & TV diploma. While there are some Zero Punctuation overtones, for the most part, Alex has produced something unique (and smirk-worthy). If you feel like being entertained and informed at the same time, hit play!

Alex gets bonus points from me for squeezing in a reference to Tony Martin's last radio show, Get This. R.I.P.

R18+ and Video Games: A History of Violence [YouTube, thanks Alex]


    Biggest loss to radio ever having Get This axed. I'm still suckling at the podcasts i have like a wombat suckling at it's dead mothers teet on the side of the road....

    bah........ive had it with aus ratings and prices. Im no longer getting anything here in australia, im going to order online for $60 an [uncensored] game.

    'Inspired' by Zero Punctuation? I think his course hasn't got to the 'rip off' class yet.

    Loved it. Great work! To be fair though, it's not the classification board's fault; it's those damn thugs in the scallop industry.

    I can personally reassure you that "his course" has had a class deal with (quote) 'rip off' (unquote) of the works of others.

    Personally I think Alex has done a wonderful job, all power to his arm!

    On the YouTube page he says this in the description.

    "And yes, I was inspired (heavily. Sorry Yahtzee!) by Zero Punctuation. Go and watch all his videos! The Burnout Paradise review is awesome!"

    Always steal from the best.

    ASSAULT! ASSAULT! Sorry Officer, you touched me.

    R.I.P. Get This indeed.

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