GameTraders Carillon To Explode With Sales, Midnight MGS4 Launch

GameTraders Carillon To Explode With Sales, Midnight MGS4 Launch

ImageWait, so let me get this straight. Not only is the GameTraders in Carillon, WA having a midnight launch for Metal Gear Solid 4 (yes, it’s available tomorrow folks), but the store is currently selling brand-new copies of Devil May Cry 4 and Frontlines: Fuel of War on Xbox 360 for $20. $20! That’s damn cheap.

As for MGS4, the midnight launch will be held at the Reading Cinema in Belmont Forum. The event kicks off at 9PM, and GT will be selling the game for $99.95 (RRP $119.95). Maybe not as cheap as an import, but probably among the cheapest prices in Australia.

[Thanks Raze35]


  • hahah yeah I went there the other day and picked up Lego Indiana Jones on PC for $45.95. I walk over to their 2 for 1 table and see Beyond Good and Evil AND DMC4, so I got both of them for $29.95. Not to mention I also picked up Mass Effect for PC for 89.95.

    Finally a redeeming factor about video games in Perth. Definitely the cheapest prices in Aus that I’ve seen.

  • protip: It’s not in a suburb named Carilion, Carilion city is one of the arcades in the Perth metro area 🙂

  • “Carillion City”, yannow like the bells?

    Went to Midnight launch, was pretty good. Some hitches here and there but I guess we’re new at this.

    Thanks for the heads up Kotaku! (and thanks to you Raze35 if you’re the one who told ’em)

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