Gerstmann Reviewer Regrets? Nah, Man.

Gerstmann Reviewer Regrets? Nah, Man.

Former GameSpot reviewer Jeff Gerstmann is no stranger to controversy. His 8.9 scoring of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was met with unhappy campers, while his 6.0 Kane & Lynch review *might* have cost him his job. But does Gerstmann have any regrets? From MTV Multiplayer:

“I’m at a point where I rarely second guess what I think about a game upon finishing it,” Gerstmann told me. He said he’s long gotten over the doubt that could set in “when you are facing the raging fury of the Internet.” He used to get death threats about some of his scores. “Now that stuff just rolls off. It’s the ranting of insane people, which you could say about a lot of internet stuff.”

I’ve always thought that some people take personal offense to reviews. They are just opinions. Everyone’s got one.

The Art of Not Second Guessing [Multiplayer]

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