Ghostbusters Game Gets With The Jibber-Jabber

Movies tend to run longer these days than they used to (where'd the 87-minute feature go?), but even taking that into account, the average size of a film script today is around 120-150 pages. The Ghostbusters game? 480 pages. Oh, sorry. According to Ernie Hudson (and if there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything he says), it's "480 pages or something". While that's not huge in terms of games, where sometimes thousands upon thousands of lines of dialogue must be recorded (hi, Oblivion), it's huge when you consider the entire principal cast of this game are Hollywood talent. And huge when that means they've recorded three Ghostbusters film's worth of stuff.

Ghostbusters script is 480 pages long, says actual Ghostbuster [VG247]


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