Guitar Hero World Tour First Look

You may want to carve out some extra space in the living room for another full complement of plastic instruments, as Guitar Hero is set to match—and in some areas, outpace—Rock Band's feature set with Guitar Hero World Tour. With a new guitar controller that adds a few new hardware tricks to the game, plus a drum set and microphone that levels the playing field with the competition you might be convinced to upgrade your hardware. If you're at all interested in World Tour's music creation feature, you should earmark another $AU 188.68 for the whole shebang.


    as i said on another site: the music studio WILL BE GREAT, but im STILL upset with the whole you cant record your voice thing! it's kinda strange how we're only gonna be able to do instrumentals! ;( I mean i would wanna sing. all they have to is just put a little warning just saying you cant put personal info in your songs if you want them on the web! maybe it's me but i do think that's a little off.

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