Hey EA, No One In Australia Cares About Rock Band 2

rockband_small_1.jpgRock Band 2. Recently hinted at, and now confirmed, I’m sure most of the world is as excited about the sequel as it was when Guitar Hero 2 was announced by Activision.

Well, everyone in the world except Australia. Yes, 7 months on from its US release, we’re still waiting for Harmonix’s rhythm game to debut here. 7 months on, EA has failed to provide any reason for the delay, or even a vague street date, leaving us to feed desperately on retailer estimates. 7 months on, and resentment continues to build for both publisher EA and developer Harmonix.

EA’s silence has forced gamers, once excited about the possibility of playing the game, to either boycott its release or import it from overseas. Desirable options? Not really, but what choice has EA left us?Then there was the strong rumour from Saturday that AC/DC could see inclusion in the sequel. I don’t know about you, but this just felt like a slap in the face.

And let’s not get started on the Spore Creature Creator. Or Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 on Wii. This is hardly the first time EA’s treated Australia like crap.

EA, I don’t want to harbour ill feelings towards you. I’d like to think there’s a very good reason why Rock Band‘s release in Australia has been delayed. Or why MoH: Heroes 2 had no multiplayer. Or why we can only buy the Spore Creature Creator from the New Zealand EA Store.

But you can’t expect us to get pumped about Rock Band 2. If we haven’t seen the first game, what are the chances we’ll get to play the second? That’s a fair question, and I’d love an answer. Until we see Rock Band, or a solid date on which to expect it, tales of the game’s success overseas will serve only to insult us, and our confusion and ignorance will beat the life out of our anticipation and fondness for Rock Band and its sequels.

Come on EA, tell us what the hell is going on.


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