Hey, Look! It's The Pyro's New Gun!

Eagle eyed trailer watchers may have already gotten a peak at the new weapon for the Pyro, due to hit this Thursday in the latest Team Fortress 2 update. For those of you who haven't been poring over the new "Meet The Sniper" trailer frame by frame, here are two pics of the thing in action, courtesy of Kotaku reader Bob Bobman. The better shot of the two is after the jump.

Not bad! Looks like we won't be getting any sleep Thursday night as we expend many, many, many hours in 2fort matches attempting to unlock... whatever this thing is. Thanks to Bob for the screen grabs!


    As others have said it's most likely a flare gun, maybe used for area denial against spys? (ie. breaks their invisibility when they run near it)

    I'd wager it's more to do with setting the enemy on fire if it's a flare gun. Maybe single shot but much much burning on contact?

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