Hey, Metal Gear Solid 5 Could Be A Prequel, Star Big Boss

COULD! I say COULD! Not will. So relax. You cool? Then we cool. While chatting with the 1UP crew, Kojima Production's Ryan Payton has said "There are some misunderstandings that this is the final Metal Gear game. But it's really the final chapter of the Solid Snake story. That's all". Care to elaborate? Well, right before that, he said there's "still a lot of room for filling in the gaps as far as Big Boss is concerned". Make of that what you will. My favourite part of the interview, though, doesn't even concern Metal Gear. After he's asked whether Japanese devs should start adopting Western control methods in order to improve their games, Payton says: "If other Japanese publishers want to improve their controls, I wouldn't say they need to adopt western ideas, but rather that they simply need to improve them". Too true.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Could Be a Prequel [1UP]


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