Holy MK vs. DC Bat-Art, Batman!

We've known that the Dark Knight would feature in Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe since day one, but we hadn't seen much of him beyond his scowl and cowl. We've already gotten a taste of how Superman looks, but now we know what the fighting game version of Batman will look from head to toe, as official rendered artwork of the caped crusader has been released. He looks... well, he looks like Batman. We're neither disappointed nor overly ecstatic about his appearance, but that general ennui is in line with our Mortal Kombat interest over the past decade.

Larger, full body shot of Bruce Wayne's alter ego and a fresh render of Sub-Zero after the jump.

MK vs DC Artwork [Worlds Collide via Megatonik]


    The rod up Batman's ass looks like it's got a rod up its ass!

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