How To Get Siren: Blood Curse On Blu-Ray

The third game in the Siren series - Blood Curse - will be coming in two flavours. In Japan, you'll be able to get it on Blu-Ray. But in the US? It's being released as episodic, downloadable content, presumably in order to test the waters, see if there's really a market for the game in the US. Fine for Sony, but what if you're less a single-issue buyer, more a trade paperback kinda guy? Here's what you do: import the Asian edition of the game, which also comes on a Blu-Ray disc. Like most Asian edition's, it contains an English-language option, so you'll have it all on one disc and be able to understand the thing. Win win!

A way to experience Siren: Blood Curse on Blu-ray [Siliconera]


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