Itagaki Explains Why Xbox 360 Not Popular In Japan

Tomonobu Itagaki always has something to say. And right or wrong, for that, bless him. Previously, he's announced that Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Gaiden II is the last entry in the series and that the game won't be going multiplat. In an interview with game site Kikizo, Itagaki describes the advantages of working with Microsoft — which included access to a troop of playtesters. But still, the Xbox 360 isn't exactly tearing up the Japanese hardware charts. Why is that? Itagaki offers this:

Yeah, there's nothing that can be done about that. Things like economic policies, the fact that the size of the size of the population of children in Japan is dwindling, people are moving away from console gaming — there are a lot of factors involved, it's not just Xbox 360 doesn't do well in Japan because it's Xbox; there's a whole load of societal factors involved there. It's not as though the hardcore would make a big difference. This all goes back to decisions that politicians made like sixty years ago.

Of course, by moving away from console gaming, Itagaki means moving away from HIS console gaming. Nonetheless! Itagaki will be announcing Dead or Alive 5 later this summer. It's unconfirmed whether this DoA will also be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Itagaki Interview [Kikizo][Pic]


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