Jace Hall's Video Game Show Promises to Blend Celebrity With Humor

Jason Hall, former Warner Bros Interactive senior veep, ditched the game development business back in February to kick-start what he hopes will be a future as a webtube star.

Newsweek's N'Gai Croal sat down with Hall recently to check out his idea, a weekly video game themed five-minute web show that mashes together celebrity, gaming and a bit of humour all for free on Sony's Crackle service or $US 1 a pop on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Hall, who developed Monolith, said he decided to jump ship and get into a different form of entertainment because he felt that the culture of video games isn't really covered.... yeah, because I don't know a single site that covers gaming pop culture... not one.

Annnnyway, I do like the look of what Hall is doing. I haven't seen a full episode yet, but I do think he faces a challenge with a five minute net vid. As I told Adam just last week, five minutes of video on the internet is like a director's cut. He's really going to have to keep it snappy if he wants the ADHD internet audience to stick around for that long.

You can catch a glimpse of it and read more details about how the Jace Hall Show came about on Level Up.

Just the FAQs: Level Up Raises the Curtain, Exclusively, on HDFilms' 'The Jace Hall Show' [Level Up]


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