Japanese Hardware Sales Belong To Sony (For Now)

Well, here's something you don't see every Thursday. That giant red slice of the Japanese hardware pie is the Metal Gear Solid 4-inspired spike of PlayStation 3 sales, with some 75,000 consoles sold over the past week—that's including the MGS4 bundle—according to Media Create. With the PSP continuing to sell well, thanks to Monster Hunter, Sony is enjoying rare sales chart dominance in the nation.

We don't expect to see the PS3 kicking this much tail next week, but with a handful of appealing releases—Initial D Extreme, Soul Calibur IV, Siren— and this shot in the arm for sales of Sony's big box, it should at least help keep the console out of the ghetto for the Summer.

PlayStation 3 - 75,311
PSP - 64,675
Wii - 45,564
Nintendo DS - 39,201
PlayStation 2 - 7,297
Xbox 360 - 2,163


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