Kids Using Internet To Buy 18-Rated Games

Parents! UK children are illegally buying violent video games via the internet says the UK's Trading Standards Institute. Under 18 kiddos have been purchasing games like Grand Theft Auto IV through online auction sites, paying with postal orders. An investigation by the Welsh Heads of Trading Standards showed that enlisted volunteers between the ages of 12 and 16 were able to easily purchase 18-rated games on auction sites. Out of 44 purchase attempts, 38 were successful. To combat this problem, authorities recommend that online traders use companies that run age checks on customers, which were "very quick and relatively cheap". And since selling 18-rated games to minors is illegal, it's certainly worth the investment. Though! Shouldn't we be more worried about underage kids downloading entire 18-rated games off the internet illegally and looking at obscene amounts of free porn? That seems like a more pressing problem...

Youths 'buy violent games online' [BBC][Pic]


    No. Really? Nobody EVER could have guessed this!

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