Kotaku AU’s Game A Week 2: Zafehouse, Zombie Invasion Simulator

zafehouse_wide.jpgHere’s the second title I’m working on for Game A Week. It’s called Zafehouse, and demands the player keep a bunch of survivors alive for 120 hours (five days) from zombie attacks, while hunting for weapons, ammo, food and other people. It will be primarily event driven, requiring the player to deal with infections, supply shortages and freak accidents. Securing buildings will be an important part of play, as not everyone can fit in the starting house!

I’d say I’m about 15% done at this point, so a lot of work to do before Friday.

Start thinking of game ideas guys! I still have a few ones I’d like to try, but I’m keen to see what you can come up with. Remember – seven days of development time only!

Update: I didn’t even notice the game’s random name generator had spat out “John Romero” for this particular run-through. To put this in perspective, there’s a 1 in 4418 chance of this happening.


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