Let's Visit Sega World, Sydney!

Well, you wouldn't want to today. It's not there anymore. The building is, and you can still find a few signs here and there pointing towards it, but Sega World Sydney itself is loooooog gone. Was too expensive, nobody cared. Complete rubbish. But often it's not until something's gone that we can truly appreciate it for what it was. So let's all take a trip back in time to around, oh, it looks like it's around 1999, and see the kinds of things Sega blew its money on while it still had money to blow. Oh, and before you watch it, yes, host Ernie Dingo is indeed "the most Australian man imaginable".

[via UK:R]


    Ha, I remember going there a few times as a kid. Cool place, but the gift shop there was so expensive. Picked up a Sonic plushie for like $40 from there, still have it as well.

    ernie dingo = legend (see crocodile dundee for reference.)

    went there in late nineties. Awesome.

    I turned up to the theme park (from Melb) a week after it closed :(
    I was rather sad for having missed out, but I did manage to get myself a decent reminder of the place via a decal :)

    Man, I had SO much fun at that place in the '90s... Just hearing the voice from the helpful fish thing on the underwater ride with the squid brings memories flooding back... Can remember it was the first time I saw Street Fighter III's animation, blew me away...

    I never thought I would be disappointed. What a shame and Sega World was so fun back then.

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