Liberty City Citizens Demand Tougher Law Enforcement

The Onion has been having a complete field day with Grand Theft Auto IV, producing some of the best material they've written in years since the game's release in late April. Today they report on Liberty City citizens' growing dissatisfaction with local law enforcement, citing not only their ineffectiveness in dealing with the recent crime wave, but also difficulties in keeping their priorities straight

"I was buying a hot dog from a street vendor in Hove Beach yesterday when I saw someone run a red light, barrel down the sidewalk, careen into a garbage truck, exit his vehicle, steal a nearby convertible, and drive away," one Broker resident reported. "A nearby police car didn't even react. But when the car behind him nicked his fender, the officer shot the driver through the windshield and walked away."

"That is not the kind of law enforcement we want for our community," he added.

Speaking as a recent immigrant to Liberty City, I have to disagree. This is exactly the type of law enforcement we need. Someone go run over that resident for me.

Liberty City Police Face Allegations Of Incompetence, Brutality [The Onion - Thanks Daria!]


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