Lucasarts Tease, Break Hearts Over Classic Adventure Games On DS

Well, at least we know they're hearing the internet when it cries as one, wondering aloud why it can't buy Fate of Atlantis or Day of the Tentacle for the DS. Lucasarts' Chris Norris & Jeffrey Gullett have, speaking with Eurogamer, flirted with our hearts and minds, saying they've "looked at" bringing the company's classic PC adventure games to the DS. That's good! But then Gullett says "the cart size of the DS makes it impossible to put out ports of any of our old graphic adventures". That's bad! Gullett then says "It could still happen...We've got a lot of pride in our heritage and it's definitely something we're still leaving open". That's good! And now I need a lie down. Emotional rollercoasters like that can leave a man broken.

LucasArts could revive graphic adventures [Eurogamer]


    oh wow, Loom!
    The first computer game I ever finished!
    I would love for this to come to the DS, I'd buy it for nostalgic play through or two.

    Would prefer to see Lucasarts develop NEW funny, clever point and clicks for the DS rather than speculate whether or not they can do remakes of an OLD funny, clever point and clicks for the DS.

    I doubt strongly that they could develop new funny and clever adventures though, since probably all the staff that developed that sort of stuff for Lucasarts has left the company since Grim Fandango.

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