Meet Scarygirl, The Flashy Lady From Victoria

Meet Scarygirl, The Flashy Lady From Victoria


It looks like Grim Fandango mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. At least, that’s what I think it is. The developer says it’ll be good for 1-2 hours of gaming when it’s done.

Touch My Pixel [Official site]


  • I work in the same building as Touch My Pixel – this game is going to be incredible. Much of the artwork here is still placeholder, but the game mechanics are working really great already. Can’t wait!

  • Mechanics look a lot like Donkey Kong Country.

    Another game to add to the ever-growing list of sublime new-wave 2D platformers by independant developers. I wonder if anyone will still talk about it half a year after its release. AQUARIA!

  • Awesome… I wonder if they have any testing positions. 😛

    Seriously though it’s good to see some stuff come out of Melbourne. However… How exactly do you make money off a Flash game? You can’t really sell it… So how does this work?

  • As opposed to the stuff coming from the other 15 or so Melbourne game development studios.

    This does look rather nice. Loco Roco with a slightly gothic bent would be my interpretation of the art style.

    eh, Samorost 2?

    How do developers make money from games based on the Torque engine? Oh wait, they do.

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