Meet Your Resident Evil 5 "Partner"

Capcom have released a couple of pieces of art showing off Chris Redfield's locally-based, zombie-dispatching partner for the upcoming Resident Evil 5. Her name? No idea. They're not saying. Her purpose? No idea, Capcom are only hinting that she's a mysterious character whose true identity is unknown. One thing's for sure, though: African heat be damned, she's going to need to think more about upper-body protection, and less about her cleavage, if she's going to make it out of the game alive.


    If i remeber correctly Jill Valentine was wearing a hollter top with a mini skirt and made it out of Raccoon City pretty well. So I think this girls chances are high. More skin FTW!

    holy shit guuuuys is CORTANA!!!!


    this girl is amazing and a new taste 4 BIOHazaRD!!! Rock on who eva u are!!!!
    $Shinji Mikami$ 4 Life

    She looks well equipped (no pun intended) and she looks damn pretty like Rihanna. Pity she doesn't seem to have a side arm, I don't like shotguns.

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