Metal Gear Solid 4 DVD Humour Spoiler Alert!

Screw plot spoilers! The really fun stuff in Metal Gear Solid has always been Kojima's sense of humour. So! If you do not want any of your fourth wall Metal Gear Solid 4 humour ruined, do not watch this! Everyone else click and chuckle at format ribbing.

Thanks to all who sent this in!

Ed's Update: Konami has taken down the clip. Hit the jump for screens and rundown of the conversation.

On the Codec, Otacon tells Snake:

Otacon: Hold it, Snake. Time to change the disc. I know, I know... It's a pain. But you need to swap Disc 1 for Disc 2. You see the disc labelled "2"?

Snake: No.

Otacon: Huh? Oh, wait! We're on PS3tm system! It's a Blu-ray Disc. Dual-layered, too — no need to swap.

Snake: Damn it, Otacon, get a grip!

Otacon: Yeah, what an age we live in, huh, Snake? Wonder what they'll think of next!

It's funnier when, you know, they say it. That, and when Konami Digital Entertainment doesn't take down YouTube clips of them saying it.


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