MGS4 Weaps Without the Wet-Work

For all you MGS4 gamers, reader Christine L. has a couple new cheat codes for you. These look new to us, so we're passing them along. With them you can get the .45 pistol and the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle before they unlock in the game (which happens after you meet up with the Metal Gear Mark II.) It doesn't exactly rock the foundations of science, but it might be useful to some of you.

She got the unlock codes from two different launch events in Japan today, in Shinjuku and Yokohama. A third was released at Omiya but she wasn't there, so its code is still out there, presumably (if you have it, send along to tips.) But McWhertor tested these out and they're on the level:

password mekakorkkk unlocks the .45 calibre pistol.
password mnsoymsyhn unlocks the Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Enjoy your ill-gotten firearms!


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