Microsoft "Not Happy" With Overcrowded LIVE

Microsoft is not happy. That's why it's de-listing Xbox Live Arcade titles that no one liked and no one bought. Problem? Too much stuff! Live Marketplace's cup runneth over with some 17,000 items and that makes Microsoft unhappy, says Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's product management director for Xbox 360 and Live.

"We're feeling some of these growing pains and [the new policy]is one of those tradeoffs we've had to make," he told MTV Multiplayer in reference in sweeping XBLA rubbish under the rug. We've heard talk of another organizational and visual revamp coming to the Xbox 360's user interface, something that Greenberg is quiet on with MTV. Too quiet. *Dun dun dunnn!*

Microsoft Says They're 'Not Happy With Ability to Find Content' on Xbox Live [MTV Multiplayer]


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