Microsoft Say Sony Are Fibbing, 360 Still In Lead In Europe

In May, Sony Europe boss David Reeves said the PS3 has now outsold the 360 in Europe. He said the PS3 had sold over five million units since launching in March 2007. And Microsoft Europe's David Gosen says he's lying. Speaking with MCV, Gosen says that the 360 has sold "well over" five million units in Europe, and goes on to boast "We are incredibly well positioned - our installed base in Europe is well over five million and contrary to what's been reported we are at least, if not more than, three quarters of a million ahead of PS3". One of these men is telling the truth. The other is not. And there's only one way to settle this. Like men. A challenge, a glove to the face then pistols at dawn.

360 cruises past 5 million in Europe [MCV]


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