Microsoft To Show Off Xbox 360 RPG Line-Up In Tokyo Tomorrow

Microsoft may not be winning Japan over with its Xbox 360—it typically sells under 10,000 consoles a month in the region—but that doesn't mean it's going to stop trying. Tomorrow in Japan the company is holding a press conference to focus on its RPG line-up, presumably to show off future wares geared toward the market like Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant from Square Enix, but it may have more than that. News from the event should start to hit late tonight, very early tomorrow morning in the West.

We know that Mistwalker is working on Cry On and a Blue Dragon sequel, so we may get some updates on that, but perhaps Microsoft has a megaton or two squirreled away. If you stay up late enough, you might be able to catch wind of what's going on, but rest assured that whatever drama awaits, it will be here in the morning. Get some sleep!

Heading to Japan on a jet plane [1UP]


    Listen up children, lets make a few points clear about these systems, the makers, and us. Get ready for a thoughtful rant from a PS3 owner:

    -Ps3 owners feel jipped because when Sony came from nowhere and dominated JRPGs with the PSX and into the PS2 we all assumed they would be smart and keep it up. Let's face it, fan or no, the RPGs make the system. Thats why Microsoft is after them. Remember the Dreamcast? It had two good ones and then rolled over and died. We still feel we have the better system, but our company isn't fighting for us at all.

    -FFXIII, whether you like the series or not, was a huge deal for us and Microsoft just ganked it like a fat shiny kid stealing a candy bar. How would 360 owners have felt if Halo went Multi, and not only that, but the ps3 port delayed it an entire year! Yes, the exclusives are being stolen (bought off) and it pisses us off. I propose a better advertised petition than the ps3forums one to call shenanigans on Microsoft so that Sony will have these people sign a CONTRACT.

    - System wars are good, but there used to be honor in it, anyone who is anyone knows that Microsoft never had any honor. Gates and his cronies have been stealing software from the get-go and it grinds our gears that we have to suffer for it.

    -The fear: Microsoft will gank FF Versus, thus putting the another dagger in the side of Sony.

    -The hope: Sony is playing rope-a-dope and will crush Microsoft's pitiful attempts to grab the japanese market.

    -Problem: Microsoft is willing to lose tons of money just to screw over Sony.

    -Solution: CONTRACT the damned exclusives and invest whatever money this ridiculous flood of FPS games has made into RPGs. If not for us, for the future of all the PS3 gamers.

    -Past: Systems with sub-par media. (Cartidges, GD-Roms, HD-DVD). And also disc-swapping.

    -Future: Like the GD-Roms on the Dreamcast, the 360's media won't be able to support the games that are in our future. This gen is poised to stay for a long time and I can't imagine the titles that take full advantage of the systems would choose an inferior media. Microsoft will have to shell more dough just to manufacture HD-DVDs cuz no one will do it anymore.

    Conclusion: PS3 owners know we made the better choice in the long run, but we are pissed at the betrayal by devs (Sony put them on the damned map) and skulduggery on the part of Microsoft (have some honor).

    Message: Come to the dark side, join with the PS3 band of brothers or suffer becoming another Microsoft automaton!

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