More Gears of War If Gears 2 Does Well

Gears of War was a big hit for The Cliffster and Epic. Unless Gears of War 2 is totally rotten, that game will probably be another big hit for The Cliffster. And if Gears 2 makes money, then yes, we'll probably see another sequel. If that sequel does well, then another. Endless! But, The Cliffster and Epic are so not counting their eggs before they are hatched. Says The Cliffster:

I often feel that when a developer says 'This is a trilogy' right off the bat I think, 'Shouldn't they do the first game and see how it goes before you begin to think about a sequel? ...The market is incredibly tough. You never know how a game is going to fair, so we take it game by game... If Gears of War 2 is a success then naturally we'll look at a third. The same applies if number three sells well, then we'll have to consider a fourth.

The Cliffster sure seems like a sensible dude.

Gears of War 2 Interview [Game Reactor via videogaming247][Pic]


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