Neil Young Leaving Electronic Arts

Via Newsweek comes word that Electronic Arts mainstay Neil Young has left the company for a yet unnamed "new project." During his 11-year run at EA, Young managed Maxis during Sims 2, lent his talents to games like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and headed up EA Los Angeles, where he supervised Medal of Honor and Boom Blox. Recently, Young was heading up small-team-focused EA Blueprint, which will now be headed up by Westwood Studios founder Louis Castle. Hit the jump for the internal EA email describing Young's departure.

From: Gibeau, Frank
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 11:37 AM
To: EA Games Label All @ EAHQ
Subject: EAGL Announcement

I want to share an organisational announcement about the leadership in our California studios.

Neil Young has decided to leave EA to manage his own company. Neil is an 11-year EA veteran who has created a lot of great games and many good friendships at EA. We wish him the very best on his new project. Neil will always be welcome at EA.

Responsibility for Blueprint, Maxis and the EAGL operations at EALA and EARS is now consolidated under a group of creative leaders reporting to EA Games Group General Manager and Senior Vice President Nick Earl. This includes:

Louis Castle is stepping up to run the EA/Blueprint, based in Los Angeles. Louis - a 23-year industry veteran and a founder of the Westwood Studio - will oversee the innovative projects at Blueprint including LMNO - the second game in our series with Steven Spielberg.

Lucy Bradshaw heads up the Maxis Studio, based in Emeryville. Lucy is an 11-year EA veteran who has overseen development on some of EA's most popular franchises, including The Sims and SimCity. For the past three years, she has been providing leadership on SPORE.

Mike Verdu is running EALA with oversight on highly anticipated real-time strategy games like Red Alert 3 and shooter games like Tiberium and Medal of Honour.

Young Leaving [Level Up]


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