New Duke Nukem Screen Is Small

Found over on the 3D Realms careers page, there's this new Duke Nukem Forever screenshot. It's tiny! And there's Duke and a sunglasses and a pipebomb and a gun... Don't forget that this was posted on a job page and not via traditional publicity means. And for those interested, the 3D Realms help wanted reads:

Need more help. Must go faster. Scotty, we need more powah! ATTN: 3DR Website level designers, local Dallas/Guildhall level designers and level designers everywhere...

If you're a pro, or an amateur, if you have talent and passion, feel free to send us your stuff. Programmers interested in game play programming, or with 360 experience should look us up, too.

For those not interested, move along, move along.

Help Wanted! [3D Realms via Shack News]


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