New Zealand's Nintendo/Activision Distributor Goes Belly-Up

Yup. Strange as it may seem in this day and age where their products are a licence to - yes - print money, New Zealand's distributor of Nintendo (and Activision) products, Softprint Interactive, have gone bust. Carked it. According to local site Geekpulp, debtors rocked up to the company's offices on Friday, and seized all their stock. Which means no more Nintendo or Activision gear for New Zealand until the whole mess is sorted out. As for what happens next, when we asked about the situation, neighbours Nintendo Australia issued the following statement:

Nintendo Australia has not received official notification regarding any announcement concerning Softprint Interactive (SPI NZ Ltd.), Nintendo's New Zealand distributor. As a result, we are unable to comment further at this stage.

Don't hold your breath for an immediate trans-tasman rescue package then, Kiwis. Now's probably a good time to look at importing.

NZ - The Land with no Nintendo [Geekpulp]


    Damn.. and just before the release of wii sheep.

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