Ninja Gaiden II Demo Is Mostly Up In Europe

Rejoice! The Ninja Gaiden II demo that came out last week in Japan is now unleashed on the moderately Western world! It's Europe's turn today, with the demo now available everywhere Europeans live in large numbers with the exception of Germany, who must have been naughty. I can only imagine that Microsoft's Larry Hyrb typed out this post on his blog, hit publish with a stick, and then dived for cover for fear of the backlash of angry U.S. and Canadian fans, desperate to get their hands on what seems to be the last Ninja Gaiden game Itagaki will ever create, now that he's angrily stormed out of Tecmo.

Hopefully the demo will be available to the rest of us by the end of the week as promised, though with the game being shipped to stores today I doubt it really matters all that much anyway.

Demo: Ninja Gaiden II [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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