Ninja Gaiden II & MGS4: Where To Get Them Cheap In Australia

mgs4_aus_left.jpgYou heard right, I said cheap! Well, Economical Gamer's Anthony said it first, and he has prices to back it up.

If you're willing to head to your closest Big W, you can grab both Ninja Gaiden II and MGS 4 for $78.84 and $94.84 respectively. Alternatively, JB Hi-Fi has the titles for $79 and $99. As for the MGS4 PS3 bundle, the cheapest offer is at Dick Smith, where it's retailing for $729.


    As we wrote on CoG, it's interesting to note that MGS4 being the PS3's BIG SAVIOUR TITLE, there's a severe lack of hype or competitive pricing down under.

    Games like GTA IV and Halo 3 you could get for cheap because they were so big, stores competed for the best price. Unlucky for PS3 fans in Aus, your big name game just isn't drawing enough attention.

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